20 November 2014

Constipation, blogs and insomnia

I only read a few blogs as I can't keep track of them and I like Instagram much better anyways. The one blog that I do read on a regular basis is written by a former "neighbor in the neighborhood" of mine. She is smart, she is funny and she is crazy......she has 5 kids. Yep, 5. And none are twins. How she finds time to write a blog I don't know......oh wait....lately there hasn't been any new posts.
I usually turn to her blog when I'm awake in the middle of the night or when I spend more than normal time on the toilet......it's a good distraction from constipation or when I just hide in the bathroom. So I FB'ed her and asked when the next blogpost would be.....soon she said, she was in a blogging stall. Okay I thought, we all get there now and then, and for the observant reader you know I"ve been there a lot. But still nothing. Now I was quite frankly getting a bit annoyed. I mean, here I am, constipated and awake in the middle of the night and there's nothing new to read? So I went back to the keyboard and let her know that my intestinal issues really needed new material. She promised she would write something soon.
You should read along. It's sharp, it's funny, it's honest and when her 5 kids are grown and have left the house I strongly suggest she becomes a writer fulltime.
Here's where you can read along too: www.tihidi.com

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