03 November 2014

Welcome to Sweden..

I took a quiz on Facebook. One of those silly "which country do you belong in" quizzes.
Apparently I belong in Sweden. Sweden!
I don't like Sweden.
I don't like Swedish people.
Why you may ask? The truth is I don't know.
I was just always told not to.
When I was little, Sweden was always talked about as being the country where you weren't allowed to do anything. ET, the movie, apparently had an age restriction of 16. Stupid, right? Well, maybe not. That movie was so scary and so not for little kids. I vividly remember sitting in a movie theater being so scared and sad when the men in haz mat suits came to take ET away. I was crying so hard. No child should be exposed to that.
Also, in the summer time, Copenhagen would be overrun be Swedish people who took the ferry to DK for a little fun and partying. Only they would get super drunk and be very obnoxious walking down the main street in Copenhagen while singing. And on one occasion, peeing. Yep, some Swedish dude just whipped out his penis and peed while walking. I remember the comment my mom made.....those damn Swedes........
So, for those two reasons I am not supposed to like Swedish people or Sweden.
I really have nothing against Swedish people, the few I have met are very nice although I wish they would understand that I don't understand a single word of what they're saying. Not one word.
I have only ever been to Sweden once. And that was a quick shopping trip to Malmo, I don't think that really counts.
So, maybe Sweden isn't all that bad......I mean, I like IKEA (the idea of it, not actually going there), I like meatballs, ABBA and my cousin's wife. Next time I go to DK maybe I'll stop by Sweden and see for myself.

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