28 April 2014

Spring Clean-up

That's what it's called around here when you hire someone to "clean" your yard and get ready for the summer.
We're doing it ourselves as no one wanted the job. I don't blame them.
We're renting a house that has quite a big yard, some of it is forest and the rest just has big trees scattered on what used to be a lawn. I say used to be for a reason. The previous tenants apparently didn't find it necessary to do any yard work, so they never raked a leaf.
In the fall we raked all the leaves in the front yard. 78 bags later and the snow came.
Yesterday we filled another 40 bags and who knows what will happen in the next week or so.
Did I mention I hate yard work. I can't stand it.
I don't find it therapeutic or relaxing as some people do (there must be something wrong with them), I find it annoying and time consuming and unnecessary.
If I had it my way I lived in an apartment with a balcony or the whole yard was paved with asphalt. At least that way you could draw cool shit outside.
Anyways, I am also not one of those people who have dedicated "working in the yard" clothes, so whatever I have on, goes.
Yesterday that was PJ pants, a t-shirt, maybe a bra and of course my beloved wellies. Don't worry, I was wearing a bra. I think I brushed my hair although it was super early in the morning so probably not  but I was wearing a snazzy pair of orange gardening gloves purchased at my recent outing to Costco, another place i loathe.
So there I was, raking away in my PJ's waving to the neighbors who politely waved back.
One neighbor informed us that our leaves were blowing into his yard......oh, I'm so sorry, let me call Mother Nature and ask her to change wind direction. Jackass. How about you grab a freakin' rake and help us out if it bothers you so much.
As I'm raking and bagging I look up every now and then, just to make sure Mr. Bear isn't nearby. Yes, there was a bear last week. Yes, he was big and pretty and scary and yes I hope I never see him again.
This morning I did round two of bagging all the leaves I didn't get to yesterday, this time in different PJ pants much more fashionable than the christmas ones I wore yesterday.
As it turns out I guess I do have "working in the yard" clothes.
Do you?

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